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7 may 2009

Volunteer with a Grassroots Environmental Organization in Bolivia

Foundation For Sustainable Development (FSD)
Volunteer with a Grassroots Environmental Organization in Bolivia

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Non Profit, Environment and Ecology

Examples of how you can support Environmental initiatives in Bolivia:

* Assist professors at the local university who teach under graduate and post graduate classes in the sustainable management of natural resources. Support research into new practices and technology of agro-ecology preservation. Write and publish scientific articles with research results.

* Investigate proven, cost-effective, and creative ways to improve community habitats through ecological sanitation systems, composting, and proper management of water systems.

* Develop ways to raise awareness in society and the government about sustainable management of natural resources for the increased production and consumption of ecologically aware products.

* Assist with a schools sustainable agriculture and ecology projects which include crop diversification, fertilization methods and soil maintenance.

* Assist in the organization and creation of organic gardens in the community of Maria Auxiliadora - a cooperatively run neighborhood for women who have experienced intra-familial violence.

* Work with neighborhood political organizations in the Zona Sur of Cochabamba - a peri urban area which is home to indigenous, migrant, socio-economically excluded residents. Support the creation of community-managed projects such as potable water, irrigation, and sewage systems.

For more opportunities in environment in Bolivia visit our website or contact us directly.

About FSD

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1995 to support underserved, international communities in a collaborative and sustainable manner. Our model incorporates three overlapping programs:
1. Sustainable Development Training Programs for Interns and Volunteers
FSD provides comprehensive training and immersion programs for interns and volunteers seeking hands-on experience in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Program participants come from countless professions and more than 300 universities worldwide to collaborate with our partner organizations on community-driven projects that reflect sustainable practices.
2. Grantmaking to Projects and Initiatives Led By Our Partner Organizations
Donations and grants given to FSD are used to support projects and initiatives implemented by our partner organizations, site teams, interns, and volunteers.
3. Sustainable Development of Community-Based Organizations
Our professional field staff, consultants, and program participants provide on-site technical training and capacity building to more than 200 community-based organizations.

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Foundation For Sustainable Development (FSD)

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